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Adrienne Sneed, LCSW


I believe that every being has their own inherent wisdom and strength within. When fostered, these gifts lead us to a greater sense of wholeness and vitality. Sometimes, in an effort to protect ourselves, we get separated from parts of our true nature. We become lost to ourselves. Some parts of us feel banished from existence. 

Reclaiming these lost parts and returning to wholeness is courageous work. Work that benefits from the presence of a compassionate, nonjudgmental witness. One who is skilled enough to recognize your intrinsic gifts within, to see you truly and be with you in your pain, anger, rage, sorrow, joy and your longing. I welcome you, whoever you are and wherever you are. I offer a safe space for you to reconnect with your authentic power and build the life that you desire. This life that is, in fact, already here and waiting to be lived by you!

My Approach

I came to clinical social work as a mid-life career change from music and queer performance art. The creative process has always been a fundamental asset in my life. Often, especially for those who live on the fringe of societal norms (myself included!), survival is dependent on being creative-- dreaming and building a path from scratch towards safety and freedom. Sometimes this safety looks like a thick velvet cloak. Sometimes it looks like a castle built from steel, alligators snapping all around it, with a moat stretching to infinity, or so it seems. Structures of safety and freedom that served us well for years, may require remodeling in order to thrive and flourish. Creativity invites us to be curious, in the moment, spontaneous and fluid. The creative process offers us the freedom to not know all of the answers, or how the ending will turn out. As a therapist who works from this perspective, I steer away from the “shoulds” and focus on the moment. I welcome in all of the different parts of your existence. I find each aspect interesting and equally valuable in the healing process.     

When sitting in an office feels stifling, we might move our session into the woods outside my office. When talking feels unproductive we may sing, draw, play with toys, or move our bodies to music. 

My ultimate goal is to provide a safe, non-judgmental space for you to explore and reconnect with your strengths. Together we create new ways to use these strengths to attain a deeper, more nourishing connection with yourself, loved ones, and all beings on the planet.  

"If I didn't define myself for myself, I would be crunched into other people's fantasies and eaten alive." 
Audre Lorde

Fees and Contact Info


Psychotherapy is an investment in yourself and the ones you love with the potential to transform your life and relationships, and the world for that matter!

I offer a free 20-minute phone consultation to discuss the ways you can achieve your goals through our work together.

I am not in network with any insurance companies at this time. I can provide a reimbursement statement upon request for clients with out of network benefits.

Individual Therapy $150 (50 minutes)

Please call to inquire about availability of sliding scale fees.

Cancel/Reschedule: At least 24 hours advance notice    

Late Cancellation/No Show: Full session fee

205 Wild Basin Rd South, #2B

Austin, Texas 78746

Tel: (925)-709-4874

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